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Grow Bags

Grow Bags

 We provide the HDPE grow bags which we offer are extremely strong and UV Stabilized, which are widely used to grow all types of plants Available in different sizes with thickness 200 GSM. 

·         These bags can be usable for 5 years under constant use while resisting harsh sunlight. 
·         This garden bag can be used to grown all kind of small root plants for Kitchen/Terrace gardening like vegetable plants, flower plats 
·         With light weight and portability these bags can be placed anywhere and occupying very less space.

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HDPE Grow Bag 12X12 inch
HDPE Grow Bag 12X15  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 18X8  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 9X9  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 18X18  inch

HDPE Grow Bag 18X18 inch

₹139 ₹180

HDPE Grow Bag (Pack Of Three)
Grow Bag Rectan-gular 24X12X9
Grow Bag Rectangular 18X12X9 inch
HDPE Grow Bag 18X6  inch
Home Garden Kit

Home Garden Kit

₹620 ₹669

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