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Hybrid Vs Non Hybrid seeds

Hybrid Vs Non Hybrid seeds

Confused Which Seed to Plant Hybrid or Non Hybrid

Every gardener has a choice between Hybrid and Non-Hybrid(Open-Pollinated) Seeds and get confused to take decision especially for growing vegetables, considering most popular healthy term organic.

Does Non-Hybrid seeds are organic and Hybrid Seeds are non-organic? Certainly not.

Here the difference between Hybrid and Non-Hybrid

Hybrid: Hybrid seeds are produced by companies through careful pollination of two specific varieties by human intervention.

Ex: one tomato plant may be very drought tolerant and another tomato plant produces vigorously, the two plants might be cross pollinated to produce a drought tolerant tomato plant that produces a lot of fruits.

Non-Hybrid: Non-hybrid seeds come from plants that are naturally pollinated by insect, bird, wind, humans, or other natural mechanisms.

Positive of Hybrid Seeds: Hybrid seeds have disease resistance and perform better in terms of more fruits, flowers and vegetables produced, more plants surviving disease and pests.

Positive of Non-Hybrid Seeds:

·         Because there are no restrictions on the flow of pollen between individuals, they come in a number of variety.

·         We can also collect seeds from the plant and use them again next year to grow the same variety of plant.

·         Low cost of seeds

Negative of Hybrid Seeds:

·         Due to its specialized pollination process and the seeds you collect from them will not grow the same plant next year.

·         Bit expensive compare Non-Hybrid seeds.

Negative of Non-Hybrid Seeds:

·         Non-hybrid seeds are much more susceptible to disease and pests and not well rounded than hybrid.

Organic yield depends on how you cultivate it not just on Hybrid or Non-Hybrid Seeds. 

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