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Little Gardeners Vegetable Garden Kit for Kids 

This DIY Little Gardeners Vegetable Garden Kit includes everything Kids need to 

  • Start their own garden adventure
  • Seed plant activity assignment in school 
  • Kids Birthday Return Gift

Not only educational way kids find so much fun while growing plants using this kit and its very interesting. 

Below are the list of products you will get the this Little Garden Kit 

1) . Two type of native vegetable(Open-Polinated)(Non GMO) seeds 

2).  Two Coco Pots

3).  Expandable Coco Coin to use  as potting mix sufficient for two pots

4).  Two Popsicle sticks for plant tags

5).  Booklet with easy growing Instruction Manual & Fun activities for Kids


How to Grow Kids Garden Kit

Steps to Grow

Step-1: Pour some water on the coco pellet, letting the pellet absorb all of the water for few minutes. Then pour in a bit more water.

Step-2: Fill the coco cups with the moisten coco mix.

Step-3: Press half a fingernail deep hole into the soil. Put a couple of seeds in each hole and cover with soil.

Step-4: Take out the plant name label from the seed packet and stick them onto the Popsicle sticks to make your plant tags.

Step-5: Mark your pots with the plant tags, then place them somewhere warm but not in direct sunlight. Spray water daily to keep the pots moist but not too wet. After about 5-14 days look out for the seedlings

Step-6: Transplant the seedlings in a sunny spot in the garden or bigger pots when they are about 8cm tall. Making sure the pot is fully covered with soil. Leave a space of 50-75cm between each plant

Step-7: Sprinkle the water whenever soil need moister (Be careful not to over-water) and If possible, keep in a place where it gets at least 1-2 hours of partial sunlight

Step-8:  Water your plants regularly and add plant nutrients every 2 weeks

Step-9: Green Leavy Vegetables will be ready to harvest in 30 days where as vegetables takes up to 60 days for the first harvest

Happy Gardening

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Little Gardeners Kit for Kids

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