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Sujatha-99 BG II

Sri Rama Seeds Sujatha-99 BG II

Plant height: 170-180 cm
Days to 50% flowering: 50-55 days
Reaction to major pests: Resistant to American Bollwarm, Pink Bollwarm and Spotted Bollwarm, tolerant to sucking pests, Jessids and whitefly
Boll Shape and sizeMedium Ovate with alongate tip large
Quality of Produce: Ginning%: 35-36
Staple length: 27.5-32.0 mm
Strength: 42.5 g/tex
Micronaire: 4.2
Reaction to stress: Suitable for varied agro-climatic conditions
Special Features/ USPs: Tolerance to Jassids, Wider adaptability, long staple fibre

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Sujatha-99 BG II

  • Brand: Sri Rama Seeds
  • Product Code: Sujatha-99 BG II
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • ₹800

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