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Micro Green Seeds Pack of 5
Well Grow Plant Food (100 Grams)
Falcon Garden Hand Gloves

Native Vegetable Seeds


Leafy Vegetable Seeds


Palak/Spinach (300+ Seeds)
Coriander  (200+ Seeds)
Micro Green Seeds Pack of 5

Hybrid Vegetable Seeds


Chili F1 Hybrid (20+ Seeds)
Bottle Gourd Hybrid
Tomato Hybrid (20 Seeds)

Exotic Vegetable Seeds


Broccoli  (50 Seeds)
Herb Curly Kale (100 Seeds)
Parsley F1 Hybrid (50 Seeds)

Grow Bags


HDPE Grow Bag 12X12 inch
HDPE Grow Bag 12X15  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 15X15  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 18X6  inch

Winter Flower Seeds


California Poppy (50 Seeds)
Carnation Giant Chaubad Mixed
Chrysanthemum carinatum
Helichrysum Songs Mix

What our customers are saying......

shashank 26/12/2020

Nice experience because the delivery was superfast...

Ashwin Kumar Donthula 24/12/2020

Guys, I loved your seeds, All your seeds Germinated, Very Thanks. ..

FARHEEN 25/11/2020

Received the seeds neatly packed..All are germinating and in good condition...

Gaurav Trivedi 12/10/2020

I've ordered grow bags. Seriously they have the best variety and quality. Love their work. Also the delivery was superfast..

Annapurna 16/09/2020

I had bought native vegetables seeds from you. Malabar spinach not germinating. Remaining all are fine. Thank you...

Swathi mokkapati 14/09/2020

You are providing us non-hybrid seeds at reasonable prizes....very happy with your services and timely deliveries......all my seeds got germinated....big thumbs to seeds basket ..