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Native Vegetable Seeds


Microgreen Seeds Pack of 5
Palak/Spinach (400+ Seeds)
White Bitter Gourd (30 Seeds)

Leafy Vegetable Seeds


Microgreen Seeds Pack of 5
Palak/Spinach (400+ Seeds)
Coriander  (500+ Seeds)



Microgreen Amaranthus Seeds (100 Grms)
Microgreen Methi Seeds (100 Grms)
Microgreen Mustard Seeds (100 Grms)
Microgreen Seeds Pack of 5

Hybrid Vegetable Seeds


Exotic Vegetable Seeds


Broccoli  (300 Seeds)

Broccoli (300 Seeds)

₹60 ₹80

Curly Kale (400 Seeds)
Exotic vegetable seeds - pack of 6
Herb Parsley (200 Seeds)

Grow Bags


HDPE Grow Bag 12X12 inch
HDPE Grow Bag 15X15  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 18X6  inch

Summer Flower Seeds


What our customers are saying......

Mukhesh 15/10/2022

Best quality of seeds and price also very reasonable. Thank for instructional manual..

Leya Lakshmanan 24/09/2022

I ordered french marigold seeds, green brinjal seeds and a growbag.. everything was top quality! Love this store...

Kokkula Mrudula 23/09/2022

I bought this grow bags.which are very good.really sufficient for some big plants..

Aarti Chawla 17/05/2022

Thier grow bags and flower seeds are of superior quality as per my perception. My all seeds are germinated really well. Thank you so much. These are really worth for me being a plant lover...

Shekar 01/08/2021

Growbags quality is very good. value for money...

Lokeshwary Guruvu 28/03/2021

I ordered some growbags and veggies seeds they were of top quality The packaging was perfect and delivery was super fast I didn’t expect that quality and it’s reasonably priced This is the best website for seeds purchase..

SUSHMA DASI 01/02/2021

I' have ordered flower seeds ,packing was excellent.the delivery was super fast.Really loved their work.in my opinion ,this is the best website to buy seeds online..prices also very affordable........

E L V Prasad 21/01/2021

I bought seeds and all kinds of grow bags which are really good and all the seeds germinated. Good Service...

shashank 26/12/2020

Nice experience because the delivery was superfast...

Ashwin Kumar Donthula 24/12/2020

Guys, I loved your seeds, All your seeds Germinated, Very Thanks. ..