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New Arrivals

HDPE Grow Bag 12X12X12
Eco Friendly Vegetable Jute Bag
Onion White (100 Seeds)
Falcon Garden Hand Gloves

Native Vegetable Seeds


Leafy Vegetable Seeds


Palak/Spinach (300+ Seeds)
Coriander  (80+ Seeds)

Hybrid Vegetable Seeds


Brinjal Green Top Hybrid
Chilli F1 Hybrid
Bottle Gourd Hybrid
Tomato Hybrid

Exotic Vegetable Seeds


Broccoli  (50 Seeds)
Lettuce (100 Seeds)
Parsley F1 Hybrid (50 Seeds)
Red Lettuce (25 Seeds)

Grow Bags


HDPE Grow Bag 12X12 inch
HDPE Grow Bag 12X15  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 15X15  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 18X8  inch

All Seasonal Flower Seeds



Eco Friendly Vegetable Cloth Bag
Chukka Kura (80 Seeds)

What our customers are saying......

Vishali 18/02/2020

Seed basket is the right place to getting all type of seeds and available to the lowest prices ..

RamaRao 28/09/2019

Very nice service I like pls continue like this. Rama rao..

Nandansrinivas 23/09/2019

Nice seeds very nice packing..

MD HASAN ALI 30/07/2019

Nice Seeds , Germination is Very good compared to other vendors..

Ramesh PS 05/07/2019

Nice packing and deliver. Seeds have > 90 % germination rate. The best native quality seeds , Best combo at reasonable price. I 'd recommended this seller for everyone..

Lakku Nikhila rao 23/05/2019

Thank you seedbasket for the great initiative Seed show 100% germination and grow pretty fast..