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New Arrivals

Carrot Red Long
Chinese Cabbage (50 Seeds)


₹30 ₹40

Non-Hybrid(OP) Seeds


Bhendi/Okra Non-Hybrid (100 Seeds)
Tomato Non Hybrid  (100+ Seeds)
Chilli Non Hybrid (100+ Seeds)

Leafy Vegetables


 Amaranth(Thotakura) (400 Seeds)
Leafy vegetable seeds  combo pack
Palak/Spinach (300+ Seeds)

Hybrid Seeds


Bitter Gourd Hybrid
Brinjal Green Top Hybrid
Chilli F1 Hybrid

Chilli F1 Hybrid

₹45 ₹60

Bottle Gourd Hybrid

Grow Bags


HDPE Grow Bag 12X12 inch
HDPE Grow Bag 12X15  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 18X8  inch
HDPE Grow Bag 24X9  inch

HDPE Grow Bag 24X9 inch

₹129 ₹140

Winter Flower Seeds


Acroclineum roseum Mixed
Calendula Fiesta Gitana Mixed
Carnation Giant Chaubad Mixed
Chrysanthemum carinatum


Indian Corn/Maize (20 seeds)
Home Garden Kit

Home Garden Kit

₹640 ₹669

Broccoli  (100 Seeds)

Broccoli (100 Seeds)

₹35 ₹40

What our customers are saying......

Sathish Kumar Thota 07/06/2017

Thank-you seed basket. It's amazing in this fast moving world that you got the idea of selling the seeds and delivering it on time. Your idea is brilliant. This will also create a lot of awareness among the urban public to grow vegetables in their apartments and also in their houses which will gives the organic food as well. Social responsibility is also included along with the business. Way to go!!..

Juzer 17/04/2017

100 percent germination rate highly satisfied with the quality of seeds ..

Kvvijay 17/07/2017

Nice prices and all vegetable organic seeds and vermicompost also supply with this products..

Akhil Tummala 18/05/2017

Best place to buy Seeds and excellent quality..