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Herbal Seeds

Browse and select through from huge range collection of Herbal Seeds for variety of medicinal plants Herb Basil Green, Herb Lemon Balm, Herb Thyme, Herb Mint and among others for Kitchen gardening needs with best quality at good discounted prices from SeedBasket, most trusted and top online plants seeds store in India. Order online and get delivered with fast shipping service.

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Alpine Strawberry (50 Seeds)
Curly Kale (400 Seeds)
Herb Basil Green  (500 Seeds)
Herb Chives (200 Seeds)
Herb Lavender (50 seeds)
Herb Lemon Balm (50 Seeds)
Herb Lemon Grass (20 Seeds)
Herb Oregano (50 Seeds)
Herb Parsley (200 Seeds)
Herb Sage (50 Seeds)

Herb Sage (50 Seeds)

₹80 ₹90

Herb Thyme (50 Seeds)
Pak Choi (400 Seeds)

Pak Choi (400 Seeds)

₹60 ₹90

Herb Lemon Basil (50 Seeds)
Coriander  (300+ Seeds)
Herb Rosemary (50 Seeds)
Herb Watercress (50 Seeds)
Celery (600 Seeds)

Celery (600 Seeds)

₹80 ₹90

Dill(Soya) (500 Seeds )
Herb Stevia Seeds (100 Seeds)
Herb Pepper Mint (50 Seeds)
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