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Exotic Seeds

Seed Basket is trusted by scores of customers as leading online seed store in India. View and select from wide range collection of Exotic Vegetable Seeds in stock for Cherry Tomato, Chinese Cabbage, Parsley, Red Cabbage and among other varieties for Home/Kitchen/Terrace gardening needs at best discounted prices available in online seed marketplace. Select desired product and get delivered to your destination through fast delivery service provided across Indian Cities and Rural parts.

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Broccoli  (300 Seeds)

Broccoli (300 Seeds)

₹70 ₹90

Curly Kale (400 Seeds)
Exotic vegetable seeds - pack of 6
Herb Parsley (200 Seeds)
Lettuce Lollo Rossa Seeds (400Seeds)
Pak Choi (400 Seeds)

Pak Choi (400 Seeds)

₹60 ₹90

Lettuce Iceberg (400 Seeds)
Asparagus (90 seeds)
Capsicum Bell Pepper (30 Seeds)
Celery (600 Seeds)

Celery (600 Seeds)

₹80 ₹90

Cherry Tomato Red F1 Hybrid
Cherry Tomato Yellow F1 Hybrid
Chinese Cabbage (50 Seeds)
Dill(Soya) (500 Seeds )
Herb Stevia Seeds (100 Seeds)
Lettuce Batavia (400Seeds)
Red Okra Hybrid (30 Seeds)
Tinda Indian Round Gourd
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