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  • Herb Lemon Balm (50 Seeds)

Lemon balm is valued as a culinary, cosmetic and medicinal herb. Use fresh sprigs to top drinks and as garnishes on salads and main dishes. The fresh or dried leaves make a great cold or hot tea, and the dried leaves can be used pot-pourris. Traditionally valued as a medicinal herb, lemon balm has mild sedative properties. Use lemon scented leaves in teas, potpourris.

Lemon Balm is a Winter season Herb,

Sow when night Temperature is 20-25°C, 

Plant Height: 40 cm, 

Edible part: Leaves

Sowing distance: 35 cm Plant to Plant, 

Best for: Bed Sowing/Pots,

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Herb Lemon Balm (50 Seeds)

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