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  • Aminex - Flowering Booster (100 ml)

Aminex - Flowering Booster 

100% Organic

Used for all kind of Flowering plants , Vegetable sand Fruit plants

Product Description: 

  • Aminex is a premium amino acid-based flowering booster specially formulated to enhance the flowering process in both nursery and home gardening settings.
  • Packed with a blend of essential amino acids and nutrients, Aminex promotes robust flower development, vibrant colors, and increased blooming yields.
  • Elevate your garden's beauty with Aminex and witness the transformation of your plants into a blooming masterpiece.


Key Features:

  • Amino Acid Power: Aminex harnesses the power of amino acids, the building blocks of life, to stimulate flowering and enhance overall plant health.
  • Enhanced Flowering: Watch your plants burst into a profusion of beautiful blooms with the help of Aminex's flower-boosting formula.
  • Vibrant Colors: Aminex intensifies the natural pigments in flowers, resulting in more vibrant and captivating colors.
  • Increased Yields: Experience a bountiful harvest of flowers, whether you're nurturing a home garden or a nursery full of plants.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Our carefully crafted blend of nutrients ensures your plants receive the ideal nourishment for optimal flowering.
  • Easy Application: Aminex is simple to use, dissolves easily in water, and can be applied via watering can or sprayer.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly: Aminex is formulated with the environment in mind, and its gentle composition poses no harm to beneficial insects or soil microbes.
  • Suitable for All Flowering Plants: From roses and lilies to petunias and daisies, Aminex works wonders on a wide variety of flowering plants.

 Directions for Use:

    • Mix 3-4ml of Aminex with 1 liters of water for foliar spray.
    • Stir the mixture until fully dissolved.
    • Water your plants with the Aminex solution, ensuring even coverage of the soil around the base of each plant.
    • For best results, apply every 2 weeks during the flowering season.

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    Aminex - Flowering Booster (100 ml)

    • Product Code: Aminex - Flowering Booster
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