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Native Vegetable Seeds

Browse through from huge range of organic vegetable seeds. Non Hybrid/Open Pollinated seeds for Indian Vegetables available for Home/Kitchen/Terrace gardening needs at best prices online from Seedkart, most trusted online seed store in India.

Avail Organic vegetable seeds for Tomato, Brinjal, Carrot, Radish, Cabbage, Bitter Gourd and for more than 30+ Indian Vegetables along with special vegetable seeds kit at best discounted prices .

Grow non-hybrid vegetables at your home and feel the joy of eating your grown food have an healthy life.

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Bhendi/Okra Non-Hybrid (80 Seeds)
Palak/Spinach (400+ Seeds)
White Bitter Gourd (30 Seeds)
Tomato Non Hybrid  (400+ Seeds)
Chilli Non Hybrid (300 Seeds)
Vegetable seeds kit pack of 12
Amaranth Green(Thotakura) (1400+ Seeds)
Coriander  (300+ Seeds)
Carrot Non Hybrid  (400 Seeds)
Chukka Kura (250+ Seeds)
Lettuce Iceberg (400 Seeds)
Little Gardeners Kit for Kids
Bitter Gourd Green (20 Seeds)
Leafy vegetable seeds - pack of 8
Bottle Gourd Non-Hybrid (23 Seeds)
Methi (350 Seeds)
Radish Full Red (100 Seeds)
Brinjal Green Round (400+ Seeds)
Sorrel Leaves(Gongura Red) (300+ Seeds)
Ash Gourd (50 Seeds)
Best Selling Seeds Kit pack of 10
Cabbage Non-Hybrid (200 Seeds)
Capsicum Bell Pepper (30 Seeds)
Carrot Red Long (100 Seeds)
Climber Vegetable Seeds Pack of 3
Cowpea (30 Seeds)
Indian Corn/Maize (15 seeds)
Leafy Seeds Pack of 10

Leafy Seeds Pack of 10

₹270 ₹290

Microgreen Seeds Pack of 5
Microgreens Growing Kit Pack of 2
Microgreens Growing Kit Pack-5
Native Seeds Kit Pack of 27
Pumpkin ( 25 seeds)
Radish Red Globe (50 Seeds)
Red Amaranth (1400+ Seeds)
Siri kura (1400+ Seeds)
Tinda Indian Round Gourd
Vegetable seeds kit pack of 16
Bachali/Malabar Spinach(350+ Seeds)
Beetroot (100 Seeds)
Turnip Purple Top (100 Seeds)
Peas Green (30 Seeds)
Radish (300 Seeds)
Ridge Gourd Non-Hybrid (40 Seeds)
Cluster Beans (80+ Seeds)
Onion Red (400 Seeds)
French Beans(35 Seeds)
Leafy vegetable seeds - pack of 6
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