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Brinjal Purple Long

Brinjal Purple Long Non-Hybrid Seeds.        

Weight: 5 grams.                                        

Number of Seeds per 5 grams: 50 to 100 approximately

Germination      :  70% (Min)

Physical Purity   :  98%  (Min)

Genetic Purity   :  98%  (Min)

Harvest Time     : 65 to 75 days


Brinjal Cultivation Tips:

Also known as Baingan/Vankaya/Kathirikai

Climatic requirements:

·         Brinjal requires a long warm growing season. Sowing temperature the range of 25 C to 30 C is favorable for its successful production.

·         Special care is required to protect the crop from frost.

Soil requirements: 

·         It can be grown well in all kind of soil. But sandy loam and clay-loam are best for its cultivation.

·         The Optimum pH range is between 6.5 to 7.5.


·         Seed should be sown in 1 cm drills and covered with soil.

·         Optimum spacing should be 60 to 80 cm from row to row and from plant to plant depends on spreading type varieties.

·         Sow the 4 seeds per pit and thin the seedlings to two/ pit after 15 to 20 days.

·         Seedling takes place within 10 to 14 days from the date of sowing.

·         Water the field as per need of crop. Keep seedlings moist but not wet. Use a watering can with fine spray.


·         Can begin harvesting about 65 to 75 days after transplanting.

·         Ten to twelve picks at weekly intervals are possible. 


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Brinjal Purple Long

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